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Harbor View Community Development Revisited

This Community Development project is located in Florida and was brought to Artist Rendering in 2017 for visualization and marketing purposes. After three years of on-the-ground development, Artisan Home Builders wanted to revisit the renderings to gain approval for construction changes. There are a lot of variables that go into a large project like this, and changes are inevitable. We always enjoy bringing up old renderings and make changes, and this project was especially fun because it include many unique perspective such as the aerial view. The changes were small yet significant enough to justify re-rendering the images.

Artisan Homes decided to add elevators to specific units. The elevator shafts would extend to the roof area where the stairs come out and therefore change the exterior appearance. The question was if this new element would be visible from the street and to what extent would the outer appearance change. Artist Rendering was able to make quick adjustments to the 3D model and re-render the aerial perspective rendering and also a street view rendering from 20 feet off the ground. We submitted the renderings with a quick turnaround time for Artisan Homes's next meeting. Artist Rendering received updated changes, and new renderings were created for the final approval.

Since the age of computer renderings, we have been able to do things never imaged before. Artist Rendering continues to push creative and powerful new ways to keep architectural visualization efficient and captivating. We bring top quality renders for your visually informative marketing needs.

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Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson is the owner and 3D artist for Artist Rendering. He has been a professional illustrator for over 25 years. Ryan enjoys creating art and collaborating with clients, and spending time with family and his community.

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