Tim Clark
Real Estate Broker
The Kentwood Company

“We engaged the services of Artist Rendering, LLC to create renderings for nine custom properties in various stages of construction. Our desire was to project a quality image of the final product, maximizing our marketing efforts prior to the completion of the homes. The quality of the finished product exceeded our highest expectations. The commitment to customer service, responsiveness to our needs and our overall satisfaction will ensure future orders!”

Josh Duhamel
DakotaKid Productions

“Discovering Artist Rendering was exactly what our project needed. They worked closely with me to understand my vision, and ensured that I was completely satisfied from beginning to end.” 

Adam C. Ranes
Jonas Development

“I was very excited and pleased with the results of their work. Artist Rendering exceeded my expectations for quality of work, creativity, and attention to detail. I couldn’t have been more pleased with their responsiveness and customer service at the personal level.”

Cheryl Guzofsky
Client Services
Marketing Art + Science

“We enjoyed working with Artist Rendering, LLC. Their professionalism, desire to ensure the project was done correctly and quality of work was exactly what we needed to get our project done. We will continue to contact Artist Rendering for future rendering projects.”

Christine A. Liebold
Marketing Coordinator
JFB Homes

“Engaging Artist Rendering, LLC allowed us to successfully market our product before construction was completed. They were very patient and cooperative during the whole process. They painstakingly analyzed all of the architect’s notes and drawings, asking questions when they needed more information, to come up with a rendering as close to the final project as feasibly possible. We enjoyed working with them and were very pleased with the result.”

Chris Bellomo
Construction QB

"The professionalism and quality of work was outstanding. We truly enjoyed working with Artist Rendering, LLC and will continue using their service for all of our future rendering needs."