Reilly Residence Renovation

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Above and to the left is the original photo. To the right of that is the final rendering of the proposed changes to the home. 

Renovation projects are always a fascinating challenge with pros and cons. Mr. Reilly from Pennsylvania needed an artistic rendering to submit to the local historic arbitration board for approval towards his back porch renovation project. He provided several photos of the existing back porch and graph paper sketches of the interior walls with window and door placement and several measurements. Not knowing complete measurements or not having complete elevations plans is the challenge. As I create the model for rendering, I need to keep a flexible workflow in case any part of the model needs to be moved or adjusted. There is an advantage of working from mostly photo references. As I create textures and set up lighting, I have a direct reference to match when using photos. This process pushes realism to its potential, although it can be more time-consuming. Mr. Reilly says, "Thank you. Your work surpassed all of my expectations." My goal is always to give more than is expected. It's good to know I'm still on track.

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Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson is the owner and 3D artist for Artist Rendering. He has been a professional illustrator for over 25 years. Ryan enjoys creating art and collaborating with clients, and spending time with family and his community.

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