The Windsor on Rhodora Condominiums Project

This project was presented to us with the objective of completing three photo-real interior renderings and eight color floor plans.

Using only the blue prints for each condominium unit, ceiling height information and a general guide for the style we composed the 3D renderings for Gilbraltar Development Ltd located in Canada. Working under the direction and feedback of Craig Foley, we submitted several camera views for each room until we had a strong composition for each interior unit. Once that was achieved, we continued to refine the 3D renderings until reaching the final art.

The color floor plans required the re-drawing of the walls and furnishings from the original plans. We cleaned up the text and removed the technical information for easy-to-view illustrations for each unit.

More of this and other amazing collaborations can be found at the Gibraltar Development Limited website here:

Gibraltar Development Limited

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